Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What's Inhofe Hiding in His Closet?

Chris Mooney makes a great point regarding a recent move by Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe. After 2 organizations criticized Bush's Clear Skies program, the senator requested their complete financial records "to determine whether the groups represented only regulators' views or whether they also were subsidized by outside interests," said the committee's staff majority director Andrew Wheeler. The 2 organizations, neither of which are funded by environmental activists or private interests, are state and local air pollution control agencies.

Those of you who know James Inhofe and his environmental record understand why this move might be frustrating. Those of you who don't know Inhofe, let me introduce you. This is a man who once characterized the EPA as "the Gestapo." (And just to make a point seems to think that 9/11 is God's punishment on the USA for not supporting Israel more vigorously).

And in case we ever want to know where Inhofe get's HIS funding from, look no further. Note, where the majority of his cash comes from. What's even more frightening? This guy is the Chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee.

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