Thursday, April 21, 2005

Well Known Alaska Alpha Wolf Shot

The leader of the famous Toklat family wolf pack has been shot and killed by a tour-guided hunter just outside of Denali National Park in Alaska. The wolf was 7 years old and was identified by the radio collar he wore attached by researchers who have been studying the famous pack for over 5 decades. According to one of those researchers the "Toklat lineage has suffered virtually a complete social breakdown," as a result of the recent deaths of the alpha male, two females and the alpha male's mate, all killed in wolf traps outside the park boundary. Meanwhile Fish and Game spokeswoman Cathie Harms says that the wolves in Denali will not be affected by this death. (Thats a tough last name for someone in the Fish and Game department).

Since the state government declared open season on Alaskan wolves, there has been a large uptick in trophy hunters headed to Alaska to get their mantle piece. What I find so pathetic is that the majority of these hunters are being led by guides who virtually put the hunter within 20 meters of the usually fleeing wolves, or even more ridiculous, guide the helicopter close enough for the hunter to shoot from the air. These "hunters" are shadows of the American hunters of the past who actually earned their kill with days of tracking and hours of stalking. Davie Crockett is rolling over his grave. Hey guys, go play a video game if you're so desparate to kill. Hell, we have a war on why not join the military.


Stephwallace13 said...

Hey Japhet,

How do people get a thrill from hunting? It's certainly not a sport. And now there's internet hunting?!?! Don't even get me started on that. Hunting wolves is basically hunting dogs-good job guys, now you're a real man-you bagged Benji. Sheesh.

Japhet said...

Steph! Great to have your 2 cents! Yeah i don't know why folks love to hunt wolves. Deer is another story as there aren't enough predators to keep their numbers down. I don't really mind deer season because the ecological effects of overpopulation are much worse. But killing the predators that keep these animals' numbers in check is rather stupid, ecologically speaking of course.