Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Video sent by Phitness
We decided to stop waiting around for a commerical attacking the issue of oil addiction in this country and made one ourselves. Petrolius, the purple pill that allows us to keep driving around in old technology that burns gas, has kept us from the next great advancement in transportation tech.

Obviously, this is heavy on the tongue in cheek but its also a commentary on where our country is headed and how "in the clouds" we've been when it comes to quitting our addiction to oil.


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SoulVisionary said...

Petrolius! I like it.... pulls on the consciencious bones in our consumer ridden bodies! After the 'rose glasses' have been shattered how many who have seen it still won't want to take the shiny car for a spin? Mmm... We'll see when we're frying in the Arctic and freezing in Florida! The Future, I suppose it holds all the answers, but right now we could use the solutions we already possess... and know!