Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Around the Horn

A Japanese oil tanker collided with a cargo ship and spilled 1.4 million gallons of crude into the Indian Ocean -- the Phillippines call it the region's worst spill.

California could become the first state to create a large network of "no-fishing" zones in an effort to help species of fish, crab and shellfish recover from over-fishing (if you like Dungeness crab wait til you see them after a couple years of R&R).

But, its more than overfishing that is killing our seafood specimens: a dead-zone along the Pacific coast is so oxygen depleted that massive crab and fish die-offs are taking a toll on the fishing industry on the west coast.

A U.S. district judge slaps every Katrina victim in the face...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Voting for Freedom From Oil

RAN is having a vote to choose a new ad campaign around their Freedom From Oil work. You can cast your vote at Jumpstart Ford's website for the best photograph that depicts how we can break our addiction to oil and then checkout the results. The winning photo will be featured in RAN's ad campaign this fall.