Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fox For the Environment?

Looks like Fox News is starting to see the light. Tonight Fox National is running a special on global warming and its surrounding effects. While it seems to be a dramatic step for a media conglomerate dedicated to conservative issues and ideals, it is, it does seem to be scraping just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to issues around climate change. However, FOX's look into the culture behind the "disbelievers" is key. The fact that the title of the piece is the same as one of the most prolific books on the subject doesn't seem to be a coincidence either.

Also on TV tonight of note, a 60 minutes piece on eco-terrorism.

Happy viewing.


New Species said...

I can't believe the Monitor said that this week's best book find was the paperback edition of 'State of Fear'.

And I didn't hate it for its misuse of geological and biological studies to drive its ‘the world is just fine environmentally’ theme. It was a terribly written book!! You’d find better dialog in between two turtle’s.

Japhet said...

Yeah thats no good. maybe the monitor needs a little insight a to why Crichton's new book is a complete joke.